Cheapest Home inspection prices in Seminole Florida

Are you looking for the cheapest home inspection? Or, are you looking for the best value?

Home inspection pricing here in the Seminole Florida can be all over the place.  I have seen inspection pricing  as low ascheapest home inspections may not be a good value $199.00 for a typical 1500 Square foot home to as high as $500.00 for that same home.  The average price is about $300.00. Now,  if there is a pool or other amenities then the price may increase.  If you Need  4 Point or Wind Mitigation report then that may increase the price as well.  I’ll talk more about those two insurance reports in a minute. Now you have an idea of what a home inspection around Seminole should cost you. See my price schedule here and see why Advanced Home Inspections is your best value for home inspections.

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 A cheap price can come with a big price tag!

If your shopping for a heart surgeon, would you make your selection by price alone?  Of Cheap home inspection could cost you alot of moneycourse not.  You would look for experience, training and  a good track record for being able to “fix” hearts.   Now I am not comparing home inspections to heart surgery, but don’t you want the most qualified inspector to preform your inspection?  Well,  the old adage ” you get what you pay for”  is no more truer than when hiring a home inspector.   If you hire the cheapest home inspector you can find,  then he most likely will cut corners. And you have to ask yourself; Will they be properly insured?  Will they use Thermal imaging technology?  Will they have construction experience?  Will they use the best in reporting software?  The answer will probably be no to most of these questions and that is why they can offer the “Cheapest” price.  The heart breaking part is after the closing when you find out he missed  some major defects, which cost you thousands of dollars to remedy.  That is when you find out that the Cheapest price costed you a lot of money!

 What to look for to insure your getting a good value with your home inspection?


Is the home inspector properly licensed by the state.  You can verify that here.


Does the home inspector carry the state required liability and, do they carry Error and Emission insurance which is not required by the state?    Advanced Home Inspections carries both.  This helps to protect all parties.


A Home Inspector should have experience in their field of home inspection as well as in the  construction field.   Always ask what  type of construction background and/or license they have.  No construction experience is required by the state to get a Home Inspectors license.  Who would you rather have inspecting your new home?  A General contractor or someone with no construction experience?   Advanced Home Inspections is both a licensed home inspector and General contractor.


See my price list HERE.  Even if you dont hire me to be your inspector, I want you to know what a fair price to pay is  to insureCheapest price in not always a good value or fair price your getting a good value.

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