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Dunedin Home Inspections – General Contractor – We Use Infrared Technology

For your Dunedin Home Inspections, call  Advanced Home Inspections .  We service the area with Dunedin home inspections, 4-Point insurance inspections, Wind Mitigation inspections, home maintenance inspections as well as thermal imaging and other types of inspections.Dunedin Home Inspector - dunedin home inspections A Dunedin Home Inspection may need to be preformed differently, or customized to the types and ages of the homes in the area compared to homes in surrounding communities such as Clearwater Beach, Tampa, St Petersburg. A Dunedin Home Inspection will tend to be performed on single family single story residences many of which are wood framed.  Homes in surrounding communities such as Clear water or Largo may not have the older wood frame structures and would be inspected differently. We Use different technologies and techniques depending on the community we are inspecting in.  This insures the most accurate reports.Home inspectinos Dunedin

Why Advanced Home Inspections for your Dunedin Home Inspections?

We rely on our many years in the construction/remodeling industries, Our advanced technologies such as thermal imaging( Infrared Technology) and Drone technology to assist us during your Dunedin Home Inspection. We are experts at detecting moisture damage, attic and wall insulation issues, water leaks and many other concerns. Thermal imaging allows us to see the negative effects of

Infrared Technology- Thermal Imaging showinf moisture detecded dunedin florida

We find defects other can’t see

moisture to a structure that you could not see with the naked eye. Read more about Infrared and Thermal Imaging here. Let us put our technology to use for you on your Dunedin Home Inspection. Advanced Home Inspections offers the fastest scheduling of your inspection, utilizes fully automated computerized reporting and can guarantee you will receive your report the very same day of the inspection. We will treat your new prospective home as if we were buying it our self’s. This is my promise to you.

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