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A Periodic Home Maintenance Inspection is best if performed every two years, to assure the health and safety of you and your family and to protect the security of your real estate investment. All structures will get weathered and worn down over time from rain, sun, wind, and hot and cold temperatures. So Periodic Maintenance Inspections are necessary in order to assure the integrity of your structure. While performing your maintenance inspection, I can also identify possible indoor pollutants such as Radon, dangerous Carbon monoxide levels, and Mold build-up. I will also evaluate your building’s integrity by inspecting crucial components that could be compromised by cracked or stressed beams or one of many foundation issues. I can also visually inspect for Termites or other wood-destroying insects that can destroy your home without you even knowing it. Any of these situations can contribute to a decrease in your home’s value and can pose a significant physical risk to you and your family if not identified in a timely manner.

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