Pre-purchase Home Inspection

Why is a Pre-purchase Home Inspection important?

A Pre-purchase Home Inspection is usually performed after a property has been put on the Real Estate market by a Seller, but before a potential Buyer has taken possession of the property prior to the closing contract. The Buyer will usually sign a contingency agreement with the Seller prior to ordering this type of home inspection. If a property fails to meet the Buyer’s expectations as a result of the home inspection, then the sale of the home could be jeopardized. In many cases, a Buyer’s Inspection will help both the Buyer and the Seller to identify damages or other issues that may exist with a property. So that both parties can either renegotiate the selling price or the Seller has the option of taking the responsibility of repairing the property at the Seller’s expense, prior to close of escrow.

Even if the Seller has already performed a Seller’s Inspection and has a report from another home inspector. Buyers should always perform their own home inspection to prevent “Seller’s bias” in any way, shape or form. Advanced Home Inspections will perform a complete inspection of your prospective home, which includes evaluating over 400 items throughout the home. It normally takes me 2 to 3 hours to complete the home inspection depending on the size and the existing condition of the home.
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